Welcome to this sharing point for video material.

Most of the material is from seven reels of film belonging to Sue & Gene Hutchins.
Each reel is in turn a combination of several/many shorter standard reels.

The links on this page lead to albums on Vimeo.
You will need a password to access each reel.

Please take the time to comment, especially if you know something particular about a sequence or if you find an error in the naming and/or dating that I have set.

Thank you!

Reel 1a – Hutchins: 1955-1958

Reel A – Karlsson: 1958-1983

Reel 1b – Hutchins: 1959

Reel 2 – Hutchins: 1959-1962

Reel 3 – Hutchins: May 1963 to August 1965

Reel 4 – Hutchins: August 1965 to December 1967

Reel 5 – Hutchins: 197Xa

Reel 6 – Hutchins: 197Xb

Reel 7 – Hutchins Films